Posts 2023 Blogging in Review

2023 Blogging in Review

I’m sitting here on December 31st as the final hours of 2023 come to a close, and I reflect on the past twelve months of blogging. So here we are!

Summary year

I had 283k visits with 330k total pageviews!

This was a big year for me personally where blogging took a back seat. I started a new job at a new company, I published a book, and my son was born. I wrote 22 blog posts over the course of the year. Here are the blog posts with the most traffic:

  1. (16k) When and How to Use Helm and Kustomize Together
  2. (15.1k) The Lack of Compensation in Open Source Software is Unsustainable
  3. (13.5k) Simple vs Oneshot - Choosing a systemd Service Type
  4. (12.2k) Create a Release and Upload Artifacts with GitHub Actions
  5. (11.7k) Manual Approval in a GitHub Actions Workflow

On of my favorite things to see is the global reach of my blog post:


Top countries visiting my blog:

  1. (73.4k) United States
  2. (23.3k) India
  3. (17.2k) Germany
  4. (14.4k) United Kingdom
  5. (8.7k) Canada

It was a great year! I’m looking forward to increasing my content output this year on the blog, so stay tuned for what’s to come.

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